Toronto 2013

THE FILMS: "Life of Pi", "Game of Thrones" (any single episode), "Les MisÚrables", "The Artist", "500 Days of Summer", "Napolean Dynomite", "Million Dollar Baby", "Inception", "Little Miss Sunshine", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Skyfall", "Prometheus", "Up", "Mean Girls", "Gangs of New York", "Brokeback Mountain", "Fight Club", "Royal Tenenbaums", "Knocked Up", "Shawn of the Dead".
THE ASSIGNMENT: Cut a :30 or :60 commercial which promotes the selected film as a Buddy Cop Comedy film.
Covert Casanovas 1st PLACE
"Covert Casanovas"
Michael Barker
Tenenbaum & Tenenbaum 2nd PLACE
"Tenenbaum & Tenenbaum"
Dillon Freel
Married to Giants
Hipster Hunt 3rd PLACE
"Hipster Hunt"
Steve Puhach
Panic & Bob Editing