NY Camp Kuleshov 2011

THE FILMS:"Madonna: Truth or Dare" (1991), "Grease" (1978), "The Notebook" (2004), "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935), "The Absent-Minded Professor" (1961), "Splash" (1984), "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955), "The Boost" (1988), "Breathless" (1960), "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962), "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985), "Beyond The Valley of The Dolls" (1970), "Cheers" (1982-1993).
THE ASSIGNMENT: Edit a :90 second trailer for ONE of the twelve films or the "Cheers" series and switch genres, OR edit a :30 or :60 second commercial for one of the twelve films as a network sitcom OR edit a :90 second trailer for a mash up of TWO of the films which promotes the 'mashed up' film as a film of a third genre.
Field of Dreams FIRST PLACE
"The Notebook"
Lisa C. White
Northern Lights
Ryan Krumm
The Father Who Knew Too Much THIRD PLACE
"Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"
Carl Vasile
Nutmeg Post