6010 Storage Devices
Hard drives, disks, data tapes, etc. used to store protection copies of the camera original, transcoded or intermediate media and data files.
6020 Archiving/LTO
The preparation and duplication of all of the project's media and data to hard drives and/or LTO tape for long term archiving and storage.
6030 Archive Storage Devices
Hard drives, disks, data tapes, etc. used for long term media and data storage.
6040 Tape-To-Film Transfer
The transfer of videotape media to motion picture film. Includes film stock, processing and printing.
6050 Standards Conversion
Transferring and converting media from one broadcast format to another (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc.).
6060 Stock Footage
Licensing existing footage usually on a non-exclusive basis. includes search fees, lab and/or session costs, stock and license fees.
6070 Satellite/Digital Transmission
The use of a satellite or digital line to send broadcast quality material between two locations.
6080 Data Transmission Charge
Transmitting computer data between two locations.
6090 Delivery & Messengers
Local deliveries or messenger services directly related to a specific job.
6100 Shipping
Shipping any material, locally or long distance, directly related to a specific job.
6110 Inventory/Packing
Inventorying and packing of all the material for a job in preparation for shipping to storage.
6120 Shipping to Storage
Shipping all inventoried material on a job to client's specified storage facility.
6130 Travel
Costs incurred when an editor and/or assistant travels to a location for work (airline, train, etc.).
6140 Hotel/Per Diem
The allowance for hotel accommodations and daily expenses when the editor and/or assistant is on location.
6150 Editorial Supplies
Cans, boxes, cartons and other supplies required for the job.
6160 Equipment Rental
Rental of additional equipment specifically for the project.
6170 Working Meals
Meals provided to clients and staff when work extends through a mealtime period.