5010 Color Grading/Film to Tape Transfer
The cost to color grade (color correct) and visually balance a project, scene-to-scene. May include repositioning, selective correction within a frame and the scanning or transfer of film or negative to digital media or videotape in preparation for the Final Edit.
5020 Pre Load/Scanning
The preparation and injesting of material into the color grading or scanning system in preparation for the Color Grading/Film to Tape Transfer process.
5030 Film Cleaning
Cleaning loose dust and dirt from the negative before the film-to-tape scan or transfer.
5040 [intentionally blank]
5050 Tape-To-Tape Color Correction
Scene-to-scene color corrections (color grading) from a videotape source and record the revised media back to videotape or other media.
5060 Final Edit
Conforming of final color-corrected material to match the rough cut created in the offline edit session. Slates, graphics, titles and visual effects are typically added in the Final Edit.
5070 HD Up-Res/Downconvert
The creation of a high definition (HD) version of a project from standard definition (SD) media or the creation of a standard definition (SD) version of a project from high definition (HD) media.
5080 Additional Machines
The use of additional VTRs in the edit session.
5090 Motion Control Animation Stand
The cost to use a computer-controlled animation stand to create repeatable dynamic moves on live objects or still images.
5100 Tape Stock & Reels
Tape stock, reels and boxes used in the editing, finishing and furnishing processes.
5110 Generic Master
First generation master which is complete except for titles or logos. For use when multiple versions are anticipated.
5120 Edited Master
Completed master with color bars, slate and tone, titles and logos ready for air.
5130 Protection Master
A copy of the Edited Master with identical time code from which dubs are made.
5140 Dubs/Duplicates
Copies of the finished Edited Master.
5150 Archiving
Archiving media/data after a session.
5160 Uncompressed Files
The creation of final uncompressed file deliverables.
5170 Compressed File Dubs
The creation of compressed file duplicates such as Quick Times, .mv files, etc.