4000 AUDIO

4010 Voice Over Record
Recording an announcer in a sound studio.
4020 Dialog Replacement
Re-recording synchronous dialogue for a scene where the original recording was impaired or the voice of the actor needs to be changed.
4030 Music (Stock/Original)
The cost of licensing stock music, usually on a non-exclusive basis; the cost of composing and recording original music, usually on an exclusive basis. Licensing fees, residuals, transfers or search costs will be included where applicable.
4040 Sound Effects
The purchase or licensing of pre-recorded sound effects or creating custom sound effects.
4050 Digital Editing
Use of a digital audio workstation to edit and line up dialog, narration, music and sound effects tracks in preparation for a sound design session or a mix.
4060 Sound Design
The creation and editing of the sound elements to create a unique audio environment. Usually a creative fee and hourly studio rates are included.
4070 Transfer & Stock
Transfer time and/or stock used to move media or data from one format to another.
4080 Visual Coded Media
The preparation of media with visual code (e.g. time code) often required for music sessions, narration recording, sound design sessions or mixing.
4090 Pre-load/Archiving
Pre-loading and/or archiving media or data to or from a digital multi-track audio system before or after a sound design or mix session.
4100 Scratch Record/Mix
Recording a temporary voice over and balancing and equalizing multiple preliminary tracks for presentation at the rough-cut stage.
4110 Final Mix
The balance and equalization of all the final tracks: voice over, dialog, music and effects. Often includes recording the final voice over.
4120 Audio Relay (Retrack)
Synchronously re-recording an audio track either at the rough cut stage, when a new track is supplied or a new mix is done for presentation, or at the finishing stage, when a project is mixed (or remixed) after the initial on-line conform.
4130 Digital Patch/Remote Studio
Use of a satellite or digital line to record a voice in one studio while simultaneously monitoring and recording it in another studio. Usually includes the cost of both studios and transmission charges, unless otherwise noted in the estimate.
4140 Facility Overtime
The premium cost to utilize a facility during off-hours. For example after 6pm, on weekends, holidays, etc.