3010 Graphic Development
The exploration and development of initial graphic design ideas.
3020 Producer's Fee
The fee for a graphics producer.
3030 Storyboards
The creation of a storyboard to outline graphic designs and/or special effects.
3040 Mac Graphics
Work created on a Macintosh workstation.
3050 Digital Load/Prep
The time spent loading and organizing all graphics elements into the workstation prior to the session.
3060 Graphic Designer
The fee for the graphic designer, artist or workstation operator.
3070 Rendering
The computer processing time required to generate a sequence or effect so it can be played back in real time.
3080 Digital Graphics/2D
The creation of graphics or effects with a 2D perspective.
3090 Digital Graphics/3D
The creation of graphics or effects with a 3D perspective.
3100 Digital Graphics/Compositing
The creation of graphics or effects with multiple layers.
3110 Digital Graphics/Type Design
The creation of graphics or effects from type elements.
3120 Archiving
Saving all project data and media from the session for safe keeping and for use at a later date.
3130 Facility Overtime
The premium cost of utilizing a facility during off-hours such as after the normal end-of-day, on weekends and holidays.