2010 Off-Line Edit Suite, Bay or Room
A dedicated room equipped with a non-linear or time-code-based editing system and essential support equipment where the creative, off-line editing takes place.
2020 Remote Off-Line Edit Suite, Bay or Room
Rental of an Off-Line Edit Suite, Bay or Room in a location other than the editorial company's home office.
2030 Off-Line Graphics
The time spent creating titles, backgrounds, graphic and animation elements for the off-line edit. Off-Line graphics may not be of sufficient quality for the on-line finish.
2040 High Resolution Re-conforming
The time spent to re-digitize media at the highest possible resolution on a computer-based edit system. Typically for final conform.
2050 Rough Cut Review Material
The materials used in the off-line edit session to create rough cut review media for the agency and their clients, including DVDs, Blu Ray discs, data DVDs and CDs.
2060 Hard Drive Rental or Purchase
The rental or purchase cost of additional hard drives for media storage when capacity beyond the standard room complement is required or when media must be moved and stored because an edit is prolonged beyond its original schedule.
2070 Data Backup/Restore
The process of backing up all of a project's files on hard drives, tape or other data storage media and the process of restoring the project's files and media to the edit system's hard drive(s).
2080 Off-Line Work Material
Materials generated during the editing process for archiving purposes.
2090 File Creation & Posting
The creation of rough cut media files requested by the agency and/or client and posting those files to a dedicated ftp server for downloading and screening.