1000 Prep

1010 File Conversion/Transcoding
The conversion or transcoding of media files, typically from the camera's file format to the format required for the non-linear editing system.
1020 Pre-Edit Color Correction
The color correction of certain camera file formats (Cineon, .r3d) prior to editing.
1030 LUT Creation
The creation of a LUT for a given set of camera media. Certain cameras record data in 4:4:4 RGB with logarithmic color space. They need a conversion file or Look up Table (LUT) to be read correctly on edit systems. An LUT can be provided by the production company or director of photography or created by the post house.
1040 Ingest Media from Files
Transferring media files, typically from hard drives, to the non-linear editing system or file server in preparation for editing.
1050 Ingest Media from Tape
Digitizing and transferring selected media from tape to the hard drives of the non-linear editing system in preparation for editing.
1060 Dailies Logging
Screening all material at the beginning of a project while selecting and logging the preferred material for use in the edit.
1070 Color Grading/Telecine Prep
The creation of an EDL (or XML) of the approved edit in order to match back to the raw (original) media in preparation for transfer and color grading.
1080 File Preparation for Color Grading
The creation of digital files of the approved cut(s) for the final color grading session. Applies to certain file-based formats.
1090 Negative Cutting
Physically cutting negative and splicing together select scenes in preparation for Telecine/Color Grading.
1100 EDL Prep
Preparing an edit decision list, prior to audio and online edit sessions.
1110 Graphics Design Prep
Preparing elements for the graphics designer.
1120 Mix/Sound Design Prep
Loading and organizing all audio elements prior to the mix.